Vauxhall Senator 3.0 24v CD Automatic 1993 Smoke Grey

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Immaculate paintwork and 225/45 17" tyres on 5-spoke alloy wheels, no kerbing marks. 5.5 mm of tread on Pirelli's P6000(front) and 6-7mm of tread on Michelin Pilot's(rear).
New spare tyre 205/65-15. 8.5mm tread.
No welding and none needed. Fully waxoyled.
Parking sensors fitted to rear.

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Grey leather interior, no rips or tears, very few signs of wear.
All electrics in full working order.
Electric tilt/slide sunroof, one touch windows, heated front seats
Additional clocks for oil pressure (excellent pressure reading when hot). Oil thermostat replaced. Oil pressure relief valve overhaul.
Sophisticated oil temperature system that monitors oil temp before and after the oil cooler - see photograph.



Smooth, quiet and uses no oil at all. Very regularly serviced (see service history below) - oil is clean at all times and not allowed to get dirty. Bay is very clean with no corrosion.
New genuine viscous fan, new thermostat, coolant sensor, lambda sensor, both serpentine idler rollers renewed.
Exhaust system is all genuine Vauxhall.
Always run on full synthetic oil.
New genuine water pump with steel impeller.
Air conditioning pump conversion to run on Omega pump for easy availabilty of parts running R134a refrigererant.
Air conditioning genuine Vauxhall condensor and dryer. Gas low, no leaks but needs regas.
Coolant header tank conversion to use Omega parts which are available off the shelf. Coolant clean, regularly changed and never been run without antifreeze.


Automatic Gearbox fluid changed every 4 years.

New genuine Vauxhall front & rear brake pads and sensors.
Recent fluid change.
All ABS sensors replaced with genuine Vaxhall parts and system is in full working order. Recent master cylinder overhaul.
New front lower suspension arms with genuine Vauxhall bushes
Servtronic power steering in working order.
Ride control in full working order

Service History since purchase.
Full Service (oil, filter, air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, distributor cap and rotor arm, brake fluid, gearbox fluid) 65,000
new serpentine belt. 68,500
Oil & Filter. New front discs and pads. 72,000
Rear discs and pads. 73,000
Oil & Filter. 78,500
Oil and Filter. Distributor cap and rotor arm. 83,400
Oil & Filter. 90,000
Oil & Filter. Spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor arm. Air filter. 94,600
Oil & Filter. 98,000
Oil & Filter. Distributor cap and rotor arm. Air filter. 103,600
Oil & Filter. 106,400
Oil & Filter. 110,100